“Play All Day” Daycare

“Play All Day” Daycare is just what it sounds like.  This is our large-pack daycare offering.  The dogs are still separated by size (little dog or big dog), but the playgroup size in Play All Day Daycare is larger than the playgroups in Interval Daycare.  The dogs have the ability to play inside or outside as they like.   High quality Karunda beds are provided in the event a dog needs to take a little rest, but the dogs stay in the pack.  This is a great solution for highly social, high energy dogs.

Dogs who have not been to Play All Day daycare before will be evaluated to makes sure dogs are:

  • Able to socialize well with a variety of dogs
  • Able to pace themselves (so they don’t overdo it)
  • Spayed / neutered if they are over 6 months

Evaluation for “Play All Day” is free, but don’t worry even if it isn’t the right fit just yet for your pet, he or she can still come to “Interval” Daycare!