“Interval” Daycare

“Interval” Daycare is our unique doggie daycare offering which features small group or individual playtimes alternating with nap times in one of our canine suites.  Dogs attending Interval Daycare are given their own suite with comfortable bedding.  Throughout the day, they receive on-leash potty breaks, and then have off-leash playtime, either in a small group or individually with staff.  We  strive to create a healthy balance between play and relaxation.  After all, it is play time, not a work-out!  When your pet is not outside playing, he or she will be in our climate-controlled facility, snuggled in with soft bedding perfect for napping, listening to music and maybe even enjoying a snack from home!

Interval Daycare is the perfect solution for older pets who may not want to play all day, or for those pets who do well in smaller playgroups.   It can also be used for dogs who just do better with people instead of other dogs.  Interval Daycare may also be the first step in getting a pet ready for Play All Day Daycare.