About Walkers

Who are the Walkers?  Everyone here is part of the Walkers family.

Hi! we are Sam, Michele and daughter Malka! As the owners of Walkers Pet HoTail, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our facility and our people.   Sam is the CPS and Michele is the IDE (you can ask us what those mean the next time you stop in), but Malka is the real boss!  And by the way, our last name is NOT Walker.

Why are we called Walkers Pet HoTail then?  It’s not our name, it’s what we do! We are all Walkers because we walk every dog every day as a part of their stay.

We firmly believe that dogs, like people, are creatures of habit and we want them to stay in the habit of doing their business outside and keeping it clean inside – and we believe that one-on-one walks are an important way of maintaining their habits while you are away.

We both attended Lehigh University where we met through a mutual friend.  It turned out that we were both great animal lovers and had dogs with the same name! Talk about a coincidence!  Growing up, we both had allergies and we both had bad reactions taking our pets to kennels.  We also saw how our pets reacted when taking them to a kennel and their condition when they were picked up.

After working in the crazy corporate world for many years (Sam in advertising and new product development, Michele as a paralegal and financial adviser), we wanted to take the plunge and open our own business to meet the need we saw in the pet care market:

  • A place where pets are treated like they are at home, run by people who love pets.
  • A place that is kept clean so the dogs stay clean and where our allergies aren’t an issue.
  • A “one-stop shop” offering many pet services at a convenient location to make it easy for people to balance their busy schedule while caring for their pet.

We believe that we have turned our dreams into reality and that Walkers Pet HoTail has become a Pet Care Center where we can serve our community with pride.

The three of us wouldn’t be able to make Walkers happen without a great team.

Our Managers and Staff are the people who really “Walk the Walk” every day.  They are trained in animal first aid and they love and care for our guests like their own.

Please stop in for a tour anytime so you can Meet the Walkers Family and we’ll be happy to show you what we have to offer.

Meet the Walkers

“Our Diggs”