Our rates and packages are listed below – but it important for you to understand the care your pet will receive.

Please take the time to stop in and tour our facility so you can see for yourself the value we provide.  We encourage you to tour other facilities as well so you can get a better appreciation of the value we offer.

Our Boarding Rates Include:

  • Numerous Walks throughout the day for each and every dog
    • That’s why we are called Walkers!  We walk the dogs outside.
      • We believe that dogs, like people, are creatures of habit
      • We want dogs to stay in the habit of doing their business outside and keeping it clean inside
  • Playtimes for every dog and cat.
    • You don’t need to pay extra to have us play with your pet!
      • There is no additional charge for Individual Playtimes.
  • Clean Bedding, Bowls and Leads
    • You don’t need to bring any (You just need to have your pet on a lead or in a carrier to get to and from your car)
    • Helps us keep everything clean and
      • Prevents bad things coming in (eg. fleas and ticks in bedding)
  • Food if you choose one of our house foods
    • If you bring your own there is no additional charge
  • Hands-On Supervision by our trained and caring Walkers

A variety of packages, discounts and specials are listed below the rates so please be sure to check them out.

All charges are on a per day basis, not a 24 hour period. 

You are charged for the arrival day, regardless of the time you drop off your pet. 

Checkout time is 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday, otherwise you are charged for that day. 

Sunday is always a full charge.  

Overnight stays cannot be combined with daycare days.

To reduce uncertainty customers feel when they are put on a wait list, we have  updated our policies to discourage people from reserving suites that they aren’t going to use.

We will not book a reservation into our system unless all of the pets vet records are current in our system for the planned stay or the owner prepays for the boarding stay.

Prepayments are not refundable, although you can use the credits for other services at Walkers for a year past the planned check in date for the stay.

If the owner holds a reservation with a pre-payment, it is the OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that Walkers receives proof that the vet records are complete by check-in.  Walkers reserves the right to charge an isolation fee or even to refuse entry to any pet that doesn’t meet our vaccination requirements.

Rates effective 5/1/2019

Packages, Discounts & Specials


A 10% discount on boarding and daycare is applied for a 2nd and each additional pet sharing a suite.  (Largest pet considered first pet)

Overnight Boarding Specials:

  • Short Stay (1-6 days) = $5 off Fluff and Buff Waterless Bath (Exit Bath)
  • 1 week (7 day min.) = Free Fluff and Buff Waterless Bath
  • 2 weeks (14 day min.) = 5% discount off of overnight boarding +Free Fluff and Buff Waterless Bath
  • 1 month (25 day min.) = 10% discount off of overnight boarding +Free Fluff and Buff Waterless Bath

The same boarding packages apply to cats, but instead of a bath & brush out they may receive a brush out.

Doggie Daycare Packages:

“Every Week Day” Packages (Must be used on consecutive days Monday-Friday)

  • Weekly package: buy 4 days, get 5th day free – Save 20%!
  • Monthly package: buy 3 weeks, get 4th week free – Save 25%!

“AnyTime” Packages (Use Any Weekday- Expires 1 year from Purchase Date)

  • 10 Day Package:  Buy 10 days, get 1 free – 11 Days Total – Save 9%
  • 20 Day Package:  Buy 20 days, get 3 free – 23 Days Total – Save 13%